.NET Forge CMS

Version: 7.0.5
Release Date: 6/26/2012
Publisher: Bitrix, Inc.
Category: CMS
Sql Server

.NET Forge CMS is a novelty in the world of website management systems for web developers using the ASP.NET technology. The Community edition is the first ASP.NET based CMS ever available for free featuring full and exhaustive documentation. .NET Forge CMS provides integration with Microsoft software, code trust levels and the highest degree of object orientedness which is why it is entirely fitting for corporate web applications and systems. Two editions of .NET Forge CMS 6.0 are available: Community and Professional. The free Community edition enables fast development of community websites, blogs or other web projects while saving on platform costs. The Professional edition is a commerce-oriented solution for web stores and other websites for which tolerance of high traffic, scalability, continuous undisturbed operation and security is of the essence.