Version: 5.35
Release Date: 3/11/2015
Publisher: .NET CMS
Category: CMS

CMS .NET free for all purpose! Features: Responsive Web Design in HTML5 database-less CMS (No database = no problem! and fast 10x), it’s a free and open source HTML5+Rich Snippets microdata (by schema.org) web platform multilingual appositely formed to overcome the single site management, allowing a whole network implant, composed by countless web sites, provided with forum software, photos album, social utilities, all of this install application only once on a shared hosting, supported by ASP.NET. It isn’t a simple CMS, because of utilities within that go over and above editing and content format. Web application releases his power by advanced technologies multi-threading that, combined to new technology introduced by multi-core processors, maximize each function in order to give an unique and one-off surfing experience to the visitor. The latest version application combines sophisticated algorithms that nullify query’s latency period (database aren’t there at all!), permitting a fluidity navigation up to 10X speed, quickness obtained thanks to the algorithm incredible power that elaborate dynamically the contents.