Version: 2.8.2
Release Date: 10/1/2012
Publisher: Omar AL Zabir
Category: CMS
Sql Server

Dropthings is a Personalizable Web Portal that demonstrates the power of AJAX and Widget Framework in order to build Web 2.0 websites as well as Enterprise dashboards. It's an Open Source Product. You can extend the fully functional site in any way you like. You can build your own widgets, besides the built in RSS, Twitter, Flickr, Weather, Stock, HTML and Static Content widgets. It provides framework to fetch data from various sources. You can build widgets to show reports, grids of data from your database, consume webservices and render data and so on. Dropthings is N-tier web app with nearly 100% automated test coverage on the business layer as well as 80% automated UI tests that cover all the UI behaviors. Features: * Internationalization - English, French, Spanish and German already supported. * Customizable pages and widgets. * Drag & Drop personalization. * Feature rich widget framework. * Very fast page load with caching and advance javascript tricks to make pages smooth and fast. * Entity Framework for database access. Uses repository pattern to easily support other databases. * jQuery animations.