EC-CUBE Global Version

Version: 2.12.6en-p1-IIS-p1
Release Date: 11/22/2013
Publisher: EC-CUBE Global Version
Category: eCommerce

EC-CUBE is an open source package used to build e-commerce sites. It is the most popular shopping cart system in Japan. Since the release of the version in 2006, users can build e-commerce sites for free. Due to its drag and drop functionality, users with no programming experience can create original online shops with ease. The system is easily configurable and the code is simple to modify. The front end is built using the Smarty template engine. One can easily customize the Smarty templates without the risk of tempering with the system code. With nearly no learning curve, anyone can build a small shop to an enterprise level store in minutes. The user community that supports EC-CUBE is growing daily. Here, users are sharing and expanding the possibilities of the system. We encourage users to send us feedback so we can improve the multilingual version of EC-CUBE Please join our community here: