Numedia Stack

Version: 3.5
Release Date: 4/12/2013
Publisher: Numedia Technologies
Category: eCommerce
Sql Server

Numedia Stack is a powerful ecommerce web platform and extensibility framework for Microsoft ASP.NET that can be used to publish, manage and sell physical or digital products supplied by multiple content providers. A fully extensible ecommerce checkout and payment gateway framework provides access to digital assets via fulfilment on a purchase or paid subscription basis. Available as a Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Template and IIS (Internet Information Services) web application via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer/Web Matrix for Microsoft IIS 7/8, using .NET Framework Ver 4.5. Numedia Stack includes support for the provision of content by multiple content supplier accounts, encrypted web page flow control and security to prevent tampering and hacking abuse, custom built controls that provide feature rich out of the box functionality and an interface driven design methodology that allows developers to build custom controls to work within the web platform, or create new code framework objects that will intuitively be handled as part of the search, ecommerce and transaction pipelines. The web platform provides a secure web based admin console for content suppliers to manage digital assets and associated resources, an ecommerce gateway that natively supports Barclaycard EPDQ, PayPal, Google Checkout, with support for other providers via a well defined developer interface, and more... Version 3.5 includes web application source code. Customise, develop, release!