RESX Manager

Version: 1.1
Release Date: 8/8/2012
Publisher: RESXM
Category: Tools

The RESX Manager makes all labels editable via a simple web interface. It moves the text handling away from the programmer and gives Webmasters full control of resource files. The RESX Manager is especially aimed towards web developers and webmasters who want to increase productivity in editing, updating, translating or maintaining text in forms, headings or other static content in a .NET based solution. Through the specifically designed interface you can quickly locate and change labels. If you work with multiple languages this tool would be useful when setting up and translating new languages. Key features and benefits include: - Simple interface for finding and editing labels - Auto translation - Spellcheck - Multiple language support - Locate specific labels quickly - Backup and rollback option if things go wrong For more information visit: (live demo is also avalible here)