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SilverStripe CMS 3.2.0 10/12/2015 added

Modern, user-friendly content management system. Extendable by web developers through PHP framework. More information

BeYourMarket 1.3.0beta 9/15/2015 added

BeYourMarket is an open source platform that makes it incredibly easy to build peer-to-peer marketplaces. Bootstrap your marketplace in just minutes! More information

SplendidCRM 9.2.5692 8/11/2015 added

SplendidCRM is a commercial open-source Customer Relationship Application that targets companies with an investment in Microsoft-based servers. More information

MonoX 7/17/2015 added

MonoX is an easy to use CMS and Social Networking Platform for ASP.NET, built on top of the Web Parts framework. Its responsive user interface is compatible with modern Web browsers, allowing for intuitive, dra... More information

a-webshop 1.0.5 5/15/2015 added

A webshop is a free e-commerce solution that you can use to set up your own self-hosted online store. A webshop is distributed as open source code and is written in ASP.NET, MVC and C#. MS SQL is used for data ... More information

Lemoon 4/7/2015 added

Lemoon is a developer-friendly content management system (CMS) based on the latest Microsoft technology. More information

BugNET 1.6.339 4/7/2015 added

BugNET is an open source issue tracking project built using C# and the ASP.NET platform. More information

ASPdatabase.NET 2.0.7 2/7/2015 added

ASPdatabase.NET is multi-user web app for viewing, managing and creating SQL Server tables. The admin features allow a developer to create and modify table structures. And the data grid allows for data entry us... More information

OfficeClip Basic Edition 10.2.17 8/11/2014 added

Includes CRM, task management, time tracking and support ticket management in a unified suite More information

Parallel Campus 1.0.0 7/9/2014 added

Parallel Campus is the leading School/College management web application product. A solution with comprehensive feature that is easy to implement and use. It has all the basic and advanced modules such as Stud... More information

Shopping Cart .NET 2.5.1 4/22/2014 added

Shopping Cart .NET is a complete E Commerce portal written in ASP.NET. It offers many CMS features such as customized pages, themes and navigation menu. The commerce feature... More information

SageFrame 4/14/2014 added

SageFrame is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) built on top of ASP.NET. More information

VevoCart 6.2.0 1/8/2014 added

A free, Responsive, PA-DSS Certified ASP.NET e-Commerce solution written in C# includes all e-Commerce features that allow users to create successful online business. It's easy to use, flexible and extensible t... More information

WINRECRUIT 1.0 12/16/2013 added

Winrecruit helps corporate and Human Resource Consultancy to streamline their recruitment process. Winrecruit helps to build your Company recruiting/careers page similar to the company's website and can be cust... More information

AspxCommerce 2.0 8/8/2013 added

AspxCommerce - 'Flexible and easy eCommerce platform' offers a complete e-Commerce solution that allows you to build and run your fully functional online store in minutes. You can create your storefront; manage... More information

Nearforums 6/7/2013 added

Nearforums is a lightweight modern discussion forum developed in C# with ASP.NET MVC. Open source, with a permissive license (MIT) suitable for companies and developers, Nearforums includes great features like ... More information

Numedia Stack 3.5 4/12/2013 added

Numedia Stack digital content ecommerce web platform and extensibility framework for Microsoft ASP.NET. More information

tomeCMS 1.004 12/13/2012 added

tomeCMS is a free, open source content management system specifically designed for user manuals and technical documentation. Rather than store data as pages, each heading and content section is stored as a sepa... More information

MyCommerceBooks 4.0 11/27/2012 added

MyCommerceBooks (eCB) is a bundle of web business software applications with collaborative document communications backed by workflows to increase automation and reduce data entry. You may choose to deploy eCB ... More information

Dropthings 2.8.2 10/1/2012 added

Web 2.0 Personalizable widget powered Portal built using ASP.NET 3.5, jQuery and .NET 3.5. A functional web app that you can extend and build your own Web 2.0 sites, as well as Enterprise Dashboards that aggreg... More information