Version: 4.39.20
Release Date: 5/1/2015
Publisher: Avensoft
Category: Tools
Azure Ready
Sql Server

nService is an easy to use and powerful help desk and enterprise service management software product. It runs on Windows and Windows Azure as a website. End users come to the site to submit service requests and check their status. Service technicians use the site to list, assign, respond to, resolve and close service requests. nService provides a state machine workflow engine. You can define states and actions that move requests among the states. You can use the form designer to build clean and focused forms for different actions. These capabilities enable all departments in your organization, including IT, customer support, facility management, etc., to offer their services and track their work assignments on a nService website. In addition to the powerful workflow engine, nService provides email integration, report builder, knowledge base, asset management, service billing, service level agreement, Active Directory integration, and more. This free edition allows one concurrent technician and unlimited end users. Technicians are users who can respond to service requests. There is no limit on the number of users or technicians that you can create and store in the database.